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لیست کتب الکترونیکی:

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  1. Web of Science SCIE Journal List-2013
  2. Theoretical Nursing Development and Progress
  3. Theoretical Nursing Development and Progress
  4. Theoretical Nursing Ddevelopment and progress
  5. The Philosophy and_Practice of Medicine and Bioethics
  6. Social Determinants, Heaith Eguity and Human Development
  7. Qualitative Research in Nursing Advancing the Humanistic   Imperative streubert.2011-CD
  8. Qualitative Data Analysis Revision 2009
  9. Psychometrics an Introduction
  10. Program Evaluation Alternative Approaches and Practical Guidelines
  11. Professional Nursing Concepts & Challenges- 2014 – CD
  12. Professional Issues in Nursing Challenges and Opportunities-2014-CD
  13. Practical Guide To Medical Student Assessment
  14. Paul Buka Patients Rights, Law and Ethics for Nurses
  15. Patersonzedrad
  16. Nursing Theory Utilization and Application
  17. Nursing Theory alligood
  18. Nursing Research Using   Phenomenology_ Qualitative Designs and Methods in Nursing-Springer   Publishing Company (2014)
  19. Nursing Care From Theory To Practice
  20. Neurological Disorders
  21. Middle Range Theories
  22. Meleis2012 Theoretical Nursing Development and Progress
  23. Interprofessional Teamwork in Health and Social Care
  24. Health Literacy in Primary Care
  25. Health   Measurement Scales_ A practical guide to their development and use-Oxford   University Press (2015)[1
  26. Health Education in Context
  27. Fundamentals of Nursing Models Theories and Practice
  28. Farhang.Loghate.Farsi.Amid
  29. Families Affected by Parental Mental Illness
  30. Evidence Based Practice in nursing and Healthcare
  31. Evaluting Research for Evidence Based Nursing Practice
  32. Doing Health Anthro Pology
  33. Contemporary Nursing Knowledge
  34. Contemporary Nursing Issues, Trends, & Management-2014-CD
  35. Clinical Ethics and the Necessity of Stories Essays in Honor of Richard M Zaner
  36. Cancer Care for the Whole Patient
  37. Basics of Qualitative Research strauss corbin 1998
  38. Analyzing Qualitative Data
  39. Advanced Qualitative Research for Nursing
  40. Working Relationships
  41. Who Guide lines for Quality Assurvance of Basic Medical Education in the Western pacific Region
  42. Using grounded theory in nursing
  43. The Education of Medical Students
  44. Student Learning Assessment Options and Resources
  45. Student Achivement
  46. strategic research base  teacher
  47. Standards and Criteria
  48. Skills for the new Millennium
  49. Simulation Scenarios for Nurse Eduators
  50. Residents' Teaching Skills
  51. Research Based Strategies to Gnite Student Learning
  52. Professional Learning In Nursing
  53. Printout
  54. Principles of Strategic Management in Universities
  55. Planning for Effective Training
  56. Performance standards
  57. Organizational Models For Medical Scool Clinical Enterprise Relations Hips
  58. Nursing Theories and Models
  59. Nursing Care from Theory to Practice
  60. Nurse Educator Manual
  61. Nurse education
  62. Medical Dental and Veterinary Education
  63. Learning to Teach in Higher Education
  64. Health Promoting Universities
  65. Handbook of Adult Development and Learning
  66. Using grounded theory in nursing
  67. Feedback Ramsden learn to teach in higer education
  68. Evidence base prac. Education
  69. Evaluation Cook Book
  70. Evaluation Bias and Its Control
  71. Evaluation and Testing in Nursing Education
  72. Education Policy Planning Process
  73. Education Criteria For Performance Excellence
  74. Dictionary of nursing
  75. Designs for Excellence
  76. Creative Teaching Strategies105-108 for the Nurse Educator
  77. Contemporary Nursing Knowledge
  78. Clinical Teaching Strategie in Nursing
  79. Basics in Mmedical Education
  80. Effective Teaching Higher Education
  81. Annual Review for Nursing Education
  82. Analysing teaching–learning interactions in higher education
  83. A practical Guide for Medical Teachers
  84. A Journey in the Pursuit of Excellence the art of Learning
  85. Epi & delivery health care services-2009
  86. Introduction to Epi-2010
  87. Modern Methods For Epidemiology-2012
  88. Basic Epidemiology
  89. Basics Medical Education
  90. Contemporary Nursing Knowledge
  91. Effective Teaching Hicher Education
  92. Essentials of Nursing Leadership and Managem
  93. Evaluation and testing in nursing education
  94. Glassory of Futures Terms
  95. International Journal of Nursing Studies
  96. Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing
  97. Measurement in Nursing and Health Research
  98. Measurement of Nursing Outcomes, quality outcomes
  99. Measuring health, A guide to rating scales and questionnaires
  100. Nurse as Educator Principles of Teaching and Learning for Nursing Ppractice
  101. Nurse Educator Manual
  102. Nursing in Europe  a resource for better health
  103. Quinn's principles and practice of nurse education-Nelson Thornes (2007)
  104. Statistical Methods for health care research 2013
  105. Test Success, Testing teqniques for beginning nursing students
  106. WritingforPublication2009




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